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14th December 2016. Black 5 steam locomotives 44871 and 45407 head train 1Z45 from Ashford to Eastleigh as it passes Coxes Mill and approaches Addlestone Junction.

7th December 2016. Steam locomotive 60163 heads train 1Y82 circular dining tour from London Victoria via Staines, Guildford and Redhill as it leaves Chertsey and passes Addlestone Moor.

28th November 2016. Diesel-electric locomotive 37175 is seen passing Esher on the Up Fast line at the head of test train 3Z09, running from Eastleigh to Tonbridge. The first vehicle in the train is a former Motor Rail car carrier.

26th October 2016. Diesel-electric locomotive 37175 is seen passing Esher on the Up Slow line at the head of test train 1Q53. The train made a multi-part journey that day. It was photographed when running from Eastleigh to Wimbledon.

24th October 2016. Locomotive 46100 is seen passing Coxes Mill at Addlestone as train 5Z46, returning to Southall from Alton after starring in a weekend event.

19th October 2016. Steam locomotive 46100 moved from Southall to Alton in preparation for a weekend event for enthusiasts. The train identity was 5Z45 and it is seen approaching The Swamp near Byfleet Junction.

8th September 2016. GBRf diesel-electric locomotives 20118 and 20132 head train 1Z16 from London Victoria to Swanage running south of Ewell West station. This excursion train was to celebrate the 15th anniversary of GBRf.

23rd August 2016. GBRf diesel-electric locomotive 66748 heads train 4Y19 gypsum containers from Mountfield to Southampton Docks as it passes Coxes Mill at Addlestone.

14th August 2016. DB diesel-electric locomotive 66101 in red livery heads a train of French-registered car carrying wagons from Halewood to Southampton Docks as it passes Coxes Mill at Addlestone.

19th July 2016. Royal Scot class steam locomotive 46115 "Scots Guardsman" in green livery heads through Esher station with train 1Z69 from Weymouth to London Waterloo as the sun sets. Locomotive was built in Glasgow by the North British Locomotive Company, emerging on 9th October 1927 as LMS 6115. Designed by John Fowler and his team, it had a parallel boiler until rebuilt in the William Stanier era with a tapered boiler..

9th July 2016. Steam locomotive 45699 "Galatea" in red livery passes Coxes Mill at Addlestone with train 1Z67 from London Victoria to Weymouth. Both the locomotive and tender are typical LMS products from the Stanier era. The locomotive was built at Crewe Works in 1936 and originally carried the LMS number 5699.

6th July 2016. Direct Rail Services class 37 diesel-electric locomotive 37610 heads test train 1Q53 from Eastleigh to Wimbledon at Esher on the Up Slow line.

5th July 2016. Diesel-electric class 37 number 37800 in Railway Operating Group phoenix livery approaches Coxes Mill near Addlestone Junction with train 5Q42 from Three Bridges to Eastleigh. The load consisted of EMUs  number 442415 and 442419.

20th May 2016. Road-rail machine 99709 940143-9 in the car park at Ewell West.

8th April 2016. Steam locomotive 60163 "Tornado" approaches Coxes Mill at Addlestone with train 1Z82 from London Waterloo forming a circular dining tour.

2nd April 2016. 60163 "Tornado" hauls train 1Z83"The Devon Belle" through Hersham en route from London Waterloo to Exeter.

19th March 2016. Colas Rail 70801 hauls engineering materials train 6C06 from Eastleigh to Byfleet & New Haw as it reaches its destination. The train will later move forward into the engineering possession to deliver its load of new concrete sleepers.

16th March 2016. Direct Rail Services locomotive 37601 heads eastbound test train 1Q53 through Esher. The train started from Eastleigh and will visit a number of locations before returning there.

10th February 2016. Direct Rail Services locomotive 37603 heads westbound test train 3Z04 through Esher on its way from Hither Green to Eastleigh in poor light.

6th February 2016. Steam locomotive 60163 "Tornado" heads lunchtime circular dining tour train 1Y82 as it approaches Coxes Mill at Addlestone on this dull February day.
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