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This selection of photographs represent just a small fraction of the railway images taken by Greg Martin.  They were taken in all weathers and all lighting conditions.  Those images dating from March 2008 onwards were taken using Pentax K110D, Pentax K-x, Nikon Coolpix and Sony Cyber-shot cameras.
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(some more recent photos are below)


6th June 2018. Re-engined electro-diesel locomotive number 73965 at the rear of test train 1Q53 as it operates from Eastleigh to Wimbledon. The photograph was taken at the exact moment of a spark from the collector shoe on the locomotive's rear bogie.

5th June 2018. Ex-LNER A3 Pacific steam locomotive 60103 "Flying Scotsman" leaves the branch line from Virginia Water and joins the main line at Byfleet & New Haw at dusk with train 1Z75, a circular tour from London Victoria.

3rd June 2018. Colas class 66 diesel-electric locomotive 66847 approaches Addlestone Moor  with train 6C03 from an engineering possession at Dorking to Eastleigh via reversal at Stewarts Lane. All but two of the wagons forming the train are type JNA "Falcon", are painted yellow, are operated by Network Rail's NLU (National Logistics Unit). and were built in Romania,

2nd June 2018. Steam locomotive 45212 approaches Locke King Road overbridge west of Weybridge with train 1Z82 from London Victoria to Portsmouth Harbour.

31st May 2018. Ex-LNER A3 Pacific steam locomotive 60103 "Flying Scotsman" has passed through Chertsey station and is seen at  Addlestone Moor at dusk hauling train 1Z75, a circular tour from London Victoria.

13th May 2018. Class 20 diesel-electric locomotives 20007 and 20142 pass through Esher on the Up Fast in the evening with train 1Z50 from Swanage to Kensington Olympia.

7th May 2018. Colas class 66 diesel-electric locomotive 66847 approaches Addlestone Moor at Chertsey with train 6Y42 from Hoo Junction to Eastleigh. All wagons forming the train were constructed by mounting new bodies on underframes recovered from redundant wagons. Most of the underframes came from "Merry-Go-Round" coal hoppers.

3rd May 2018. Ex-LMS 4-6-0 steam locomotive number 45212 heads train 1Z82 as it passes between Chertsey station (in the distance) and Addlestone Moor with a train from London Victoria to Bath Spa.

27th April 2018. Ex-LMS Black 5 steam locomotive 45212 heads train 1X27 from Swanage to London Victoria as it passes Addlestone Moor at Chertsey. On the other track, train 4Y19 comprised of flat wagons carrying gypsum containers is on its way from Mountfield to Southampton Docks.

11th April 2018. Colas Rail's 37116 heads a test train through Esher station on the Up Slow line, forming train 1Q53 on its way from Eastleigh to Wimbledon.

21st March 2018. Class 50 diesel-electric locomotive 50008 "Thunderer" passes West Byfleet hauling newly refurbished wagons from Eastleigh to Willesden as train 6Z51.

14th March 2018. Steam locomotive 45231 "Sherwood Forester" moves from the Mid-Hants Railway at Alton to Southall locomotive depot with its support coach as train 5Z77. Photograph taken at West Byfleet.

4th February 2018. DB diesel-electric locomotive 66024 in EWS colours hauls engineering materials train 6N03 from Eastleigh to Wimbledon as it passes Esher in very weak light.

2nd February 2018. DB diesel-electric locomotive 66110 in EWS colours hauls empty wagon train 7V00 from Newhaven to Acton as it passes Holmethorpe at Redhill in poor light.
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