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9th December 2013. Black 5 steam locomotives 44871 and 45407 pass Coxes Mill at Addlestone with and excursion train 1Z82 from Ipswich to Winchester.

4th December 2013. Freightliner class 70 diesel-electric locomotive 70007 passes West Byfleet on a route learning run from Crewe to Southampton.

1st December 2013. Road/rail digger 9420291-6 stands in the car park at Ewell West station.

29th November 2013. Black 5 steam locomotive 44871 at the rear of train 5Z89 from Poole to Southall as it passes "The Swamp" foot crossing near Byfleet Junction.

27th November 2013. Black 5 steam locomotive 44871 brings up the rear of train 5Z86 from Southall to Poole as it passes Coxes Mill.

22nd October 2013. Bulleid Light Pacific 34046 "Braunton" tows A1 Pacific 60163 "Tornado" and 70000 "Britannia" plus support coaches as the convoy passes Coxes Mill at Addlestone, forming train 5Z63 from Southall to Alton.

12th September 2013. DB class 66 diesel-electric locomotive 66078 in EWS livery leads sister locomotive 66139 as they pass Coxes Mill at Addlestone with engineering materials train 6Y41 from Eastleigh to Hoo Junction.

3rd September 2013. Industrial shunting locomotive 871 stands at Istil at Queenborough (at one time known as Queenborough Rolling Mills) . This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay of Kilmarnock for the British Army in Germany. It was one of four such locomotives ex-Germany owned by Istil.

28th August 2013. Ex-LMS Black 5 number 45231 passes under the footbridge at Coxes Mill at Addlestone with train 1Z67 from London Victoria to Weymouth.

16th August 2013. Bulleid Light Pacific 34046 "Braunton" passes Coxes Mill at Addlestone with its support coach, forming train 5Z81 from Southall to Alton.

10th August 2013. Balfour Beatty tamping machine DR 73937 stands at Tattenham Corner station. The machines was built by Plasser & Theurer, their type 8-16/4X4C100RT.

7th July 2013. Diesel-electric locomotive 60065 in EWS livery leaves the branch line from Virginia Water and joins the main line at Byfleet and New Haw with engineering train 6N11 from Addlestone Junction to Eastleigh.

5th July 2013. Steam locomotive 60163 "Tornado" approaches the Wey Meadows foot crossing near Addlestone Junction with train 1Z29 from Lewes to Salisbury.

30th June 2013. Diesel-electric locomotive 66115 in EWS livery stands in an engineering work site near Coxes Mill, Addlestone, with a train loaded with new concrete sleepers. The adjacent trackbed is being prepared using three linked vibrating plates in readiness for the sleepers to be laid. The vibrating plates are radio controlled.

27th June 2013. Class A1 steam locomotive 60163 "Tornado" passes Coxes Mill and approaches Addlestone Junction with train 1Z90 from Norwich to Salisbury.

13th June 2013. DRS locomotive 66413 on hire to Freightliner speeds past Coxes Mill at Addlestone with engineering materials train 6Y42 from Hoo Junction to Eastleigh.

1st June 2013. Colas Rail diesel-electric locomotive 47727 hauls train 7Z45 from Wimbledon to Eastleigh as it approaches Hersham station. The train is made up of two EMUs with a coupling translator vehicle at each end.

29th May 2013. Colas locomotive 47727 passes Esher on the Up Slow line with two translator coaches, forming train 4Z47 from Eastleigh to Wimbledon.

20th May 2013. Colas locomotive 56087 passes The Swamp and heads for Byfleet Junction as train 0Z87 from Hoo Junction to Eastleigh. Few class 56s remained in service at this time.

7th May 2013. Locomotive 20142 leads a convoy of London Underground locomotives past The Swamp as they approach Byfleet Junction as train 0Z20 from Clapham Junction to Swanage..

30th April 2013. Deltic D9009 leads a convoy of locomotives returning from Alton to Castleton Junction as it leaves Byfleet Junction and passes The Swamp as train 0Z20.

24th April 2013. Deltic D9009 leads a convoy of locomotives formed of 37901, 33109, 20087 and D1501 past Coxes Mill at Addlestone as train 0Z39 from Castleton Junction to Alton.

7th April 2013. West Coast Railways locomotive 67601 speeds through Hersham station at the rear of train 1Z83 from London Waterloo to Exeter.

9th March 2013. DB locomotive 66037 has brought an engineering train from the work site at Epsom and waits at Ewell West station to depart as train 6N04 to Hoo Junction.

28th February 2013. GBRf locomotive 66736 passes between Staines Goods Loops with train 5L17, conveying an EMU from Wimbledon to Ilford.

18th February 2013. Freightliner locomotive 66561 leads DB 60071 past Coxes Mill at Addlestone with train 6Y42 from Hoo Junction to Eastleigh.

17th February 2013. DB locomotive 60071 in EWS livery passes Hersham on the Up Fast line with engineering train 6N01 from Weybridge to Hoo Junction.

10th February 2013. DB locomotive 66047 in EWS livery runs through the Staines Goods loops with engineering train 6N45 from Hoo Junction to Staines.

7th January 2013. DRS locomotive 37423 crosses the River Wey Navigation at Coxes Lock, Addlestone, with test train 3Q01 from Derby to Woking.
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