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13th December 2015. Entrance to the courtyard at Morden Hall.

12th December 2015. The preserved rotary mill in Morden Hall Park.

3rd November 2015. The raised bank in this photo taken at Nonsuch Park in Cheam is the remains of the brick-built Nestling amongst the trees is the remains of the foundations of the dining hall of Nonsuch Palace.

16th October 2015. The former farm at the prison in Banstead, which is now  separate from the prison and is used as stables.

5th October 2015. The tower of West Molesey church, said to date from the 1400s.

2nd October 2015. A plaque in Nonsuch Park in Cheam, showing the location and extent of the magnificent Nonsuch Palace that used to stand here.

15th September 2015. Old signwriting on the back of a building on the High Street at East Molesey, see from Manor Road.

7th September 2015. A view of Coxes Mill, taken from the towpath of the River Wey Navigation.

15th August 2015. The church of St Peter and St Paul at Chaldon in Surrey is picturesque from the outside and has rare medieval wall paintings inside.

11th August 2015. The ruins of Waverley Abbey in Surrey.

5th August 2015. The preserved former gaol (jail, if you prefer) at Ewell.

16th July 2015. A family of Swans on the River Wey Navigation near New Haw.

13th June 2015. A preserved car on display at an event in Shepperton.

8th June 2015. Narrow boat "Lena Mary" approaches the lock at Coxes Mill on the River Wey Navigation at Addlestone in Surrey.

7th June 2015. An old bus  at an event at the former Brooklands motor racing circuit.

22nd May 2015. An unidentified narrow boat waits to enter Coxes Lock at Addlestone on the River Wey Navigation.

7th May 2015. Tower of West Molesey church.

3rd May 2015. This remnant of a former church stands in the grounds of the present church at Ewell in Surrey.

27th April 2015. Parvis Wharf on the River Wey Navigation at Byfleet. There was once a watermill here, and this building is thought by some to have been that mill.

23rd April 2015. The former competitor's entrance to the Brooklands motor racing circuit. The tunnel led under the track and into the site.

13th March 2015. This obelisk design of coal tax post was designed to be located beside railways. This one has been moved and is beside Wraybury Road at Staines. The two plaques say:
4 & 15 VICT.
CAP 146

12th March 2015. The former airfield control tower at Brooklands in Surrey. The airfield was built inside the famous Brooklands motor racing circuit.

27th February 2015. The Swamp at Byfleet, inside the triangle of railway lines there.

14th February 2015. Coxes Mill at Addlestone.

2nd February 2015. The former Thorneycroft motor torpedo boat works ob Platt's Eyot in the River Thames. Seem from the West Molesey bank. This is said to be a standard design of shed used to house seaplanes during the First World War.

5th January 2015. A view of Coxes Mill at Addlestone, taken from the adjacent footbridge over the railway On the left of the image Coxes Lock on the River Wey Navigation can be seen.
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