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26th December 2013. Waterwheel at Bourne Hall at Ewell.

8th December 2013. A bridge with style, located in Morden Hall Park.

7th December 2013. Water mill at Morden Hall. Marks on the building on the right suggest there was once a waterwheel on that side too.

27th November 2013. Narrow boat "Zavala" at Pelican Wharf on the River Wey Navigation.

23rd November 2013. Ewell Court in Surrey.

3rd November 2013. Preserved car taking part in the London to Brighton Vintage and Veteran Car Run is seen on the A23 Brighton Road at Horley.

12th September 2013. Narrow boat "Bessie" passes into Coxes Lock on the River Wey Navigation.

3rd September 2013. The "Grovedale H" on the River Swale at Queenborough in Kent.

28th August 2013. A deer in Richmond Park.

10th August 2013. The "Dog Gate" at Bourne Hall in Ewell

31st July 2013. A combined water trough and drinking fountain on Bridge Road in East Molesey.

10th July 2013. Fox asleep on our lawn.

6th July 2013. Narrow boat "Christopher James" at Coxes Lock on the River Wey Navigation.

1st July 2013. The River Mole as seen from where The Wilderness (which is the name of the road) crosses on a bridge. It seems the route junctioning off to the left was once a millstream.

27th June 2013. An  unidentified narrow boat at Pelican Wharf on the River Wey Navigation.

20th June 2013. The pond at Ewell

16th June 2013. Waterwheel at the Upper Mill at Carshalton.

13th June 2013. Narrow boat "Perfect Lady" at Pelican Wharf on the River Wey Navigation.
13th April 2013. Road bridge over the entrance to the River Wey Navigation.

29th March 2013. Sparrow in our garden.

20th March 2013. War memorial on Walton Road in West Molesey.

9th March 2013. Milestone on Littleworth Road at Esher. It reads:

4th March 2013. A robin in our garden.

10th February 2013. The former ford at Carshalton.

7th January 2013. Narrow boat "Teazle" on the River Wey Navigation.
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