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31st December 2014. View of Coxes Mill, as seen from Coxes Lock.
20th 20th December 2014. Narrow boat "Barley Twist" at Pelican Wharf on the River Wey Navigation at Byfleet.

7th December 2014. A toothed wheel in the courtyard of Morden Hall in Surrey. It is unclear what piece of machinery it came from.

5th December 2014. Narrow boat "Barley Twist" at Parvis Wharf on the River Wey Navigation at Byfleet.

9th November 2014. Former location of two waterwheels at Carshalton in Surrey

12th October 2014. Box Hill in the early morning mist, seen from the car park of Denbies Winery.

23rd September 2014. A fox asleep in our garden.

3rd September 2014. The "Bell" pub on Bell Road in East Molesey was once a stage coach stop on the London to Portsmouth route.

29th August 2014. A rose in our garden.

28th August 2014. Narrow boat "Swingbridge" approaches Coxes Lock from the New Haw direction on the River Wey Navigation.

27th August 2014. Narrow boat "Tug No2 at Coxes Lock on the River Wey Navigation.

17th August 2014. Bridge in Painshill Park at Cobham in Surrey.

9th August 2014. Houseboat on the Basingstoke Canal at West Byfleet.

8th June 2014. Preserved bus at an event at the former Brooklands motor racing circuit.

4th April 2014. The tunnel in the distance was formerly the competitor's entrance to the Brooklands motor racing circuit at Weybridge in Surrey.

10th May 2014. A Hansom Cab on display at Bourne Hall Museum. Passengers entered by stepping onto the low platform and opening the two waist-height doors. Once the passengers were seated inside with the doors closed, the driver moved a lever which locked the doors shut. This prevented the passengers from running off at the end of the journey without paying the fare. When the driver had been paid through a roof hatch he would move the locking lever in order to release the doors and allow the passengers to alight.

4th May 2014. The "Lord Hotham" pub on Walton Road in East Molesey.

4th May 2014. A preserved Tate Sugars van passes through Horley on the annual London to Brighton Commercial Vehicles Run.

24th April 2014. Milestone beside Brighton Road at Sutton in Surrey.

18th March 2014. Part of the banked track of the former Brooklands motor racing circuit.

14th March 2014. The church at West Molesey.

18th February 2014. A Volkswagen van lettered as a German ambulance, seen parked in Brighton Road in Surbiton.  It seems the vehicle was lettered this way for the making of a film at Shepperton Studios.

13th February 2014. The receding flooding at Ferry Road in West Molesey.

12th February 2014. An old Citroen car parked in West Molesey..

9th February 2014. River Thames in flood at West Molesey.

20th January 2014. The Lovekyn Chapel at Kingston on Thames.
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