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A selection of photos by Greg Martin showing old artifacts and miscellaneous scenes, with one image representing each photographic day. The photos were taken in all weathers and all lighting conditions. 
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8th April 2022. A Rotary Club plaque in West Ewell, Surrey. It seems that a powder monkey was a lad who, back in the days of sail-powered warships, carried gunpowder for the canons from the ship's magazine to the guns. It may also have been the term for labourers at the watermills producing gunpowder a little to the rear of the property on the River Hogsmill.

25th March 2022. This tree was toppled by a storm and its roots lifted a slab of concrete of the car park on the adjoining property. The location is just off Eaton Road at Sutton in Surrey.

22nd March 2022. The chapel at Addlestone Cemetery in Surrey.

21st March 2022. Coal tax post 131 on Epsom Downs. Tattenham Corner railway station is on the other side of the mound.

12th March 2022. Fitznells Manor on Chessington Road in Ewell was built in the 16th century. Most of what can be seen today dates from a significant rebuild of the property in the 17th century.

8th March 2022. Coal tax post 134 on Epsom Downs. It is located within woodland near Tadworth.

11th February 2022. Looking out through the sturdy doors of Reigate Hill Fort across the causeway over the defensive ditch to the North Downs Path.

28th January 2022. Nonsuch Cross at the west gate to Nonsuch Park. The damaged lower section is thought to be the remains of a drinking fountain.

21st January 2022. A plaque beneath the clock on the wall of Nonsuch Mansion within Nonsuch Park. From the information on the plaque, it seems the park was opened on 10th January 1868.

13th January 2022. A scene from a bench at the northern end of Earlswood Lakes near Redhill in Surrey.

1st January 2022. The remains of Tutsham Oil Mill beside the River Medway near Teston in Kent. This water-powered mill caught fire in 1885 and was destroyed.

26th December 2021. A cast iron plaque dating from the reign of one of the King Edwards, located at the peak of a bridge where the A232 Cheam Road crosses a railway line. It appears to be an Ordnance Survey benchmark, but of a type previously unknown to the author.

13th December 2021. The wall of Coxes Lock on the River Wey Navigation at Addlestone shows signs of multiple repairs over many years.

24th November 2021. A section of the war memorial at West Molesey in Surrey.

19th November 2021. A wall in Nonsuch Park at Cheam. It is understood that the light-coloured blocks were recovered rubble from the demolition of King Henry VIII's Nonsuch Palace, the site of which is within Nonsuch Park.

3rd November 2021. The Lendy Lion Monument in the walled garden at Lower Sunbury in Middlesex. The monument was damaged during the Second World War, was rebiult and moved to this location. At the time of writing it is boarded uo for its protection from protestors who do not approve of the morals of the people it commemorates.

1st November 2021. The remains of the Stone Lock on the Penshurst Canal at Haysden, which joined the River Medway just beyond what can be seen in the photo. According to local historians, the canal was never used. Today it is a curiosity within the Haysden Country Park on the outskirts of Tonbridge in Kent.

28th October 2021. This highly unusual vessel is called "Wavewalker 1" and is seen at Newhaven in Sussex. It has a total of eight legs, arranged on two frames that can slide past each other. When moving it stands on four legs while the other set of four legs is lifted, slides along in the required direction of travel, and lowers the legs. It was used as a walking work platform a few years ago at Dawlish when it was necessary to replace parts of the railway that had been washed away by the sea during a storm.

8th September 2021. The remains of the gateway tower of Bramber Castle in Sussex.

19th August 2021. The former gateway to Oatlands Palace at Weybridge.

21st July 2021. Dockside crane on Platts Eyot in the River Thames at Hampton, seen from the Surrey Bank at West Molesey. Between the crane and the trees in the background there used to be a building that was originally part of the Thornreycroft motor torpedo boat works. That building burnt down in 2021.

20th July 2021. Lucifer Bridge over the River Medway in the Haysden Country Park at Tonbridge in Kent.

9th July 2021. Coal tax post 107 is located beside Milbourne Lane, about half way between Esher and Claygate.

5th July 2021. Coxes Lock on the River Wey Navigation at Addlestone, as seen from the nearby footbridge over the railway.

23rd June 2021. This is Lucifer Bridge across the River Medway in Haysden Country Park, outside of Tonbridge.

15th June 2021. Coxes Mill, as seen from the adjacent footbridge over the railway south of Addlestone station. This building was at one time provided with a number of waterwheels to power the machinery. It is famous for having been a very noisy iron foundry, and was a flour mill until it closed and was converted into apartments.

11th June 2021. Coal tax post 139 is located at Banstead Heath. The location was very dark, so the image was poor and has been processed to make it viewable.

28th May 2021. Coal tax post 129 is located inside Epsom racecourse. It was located beside Old London Road, so the markings face towards where the road was at the time the coal  tax post was erected. That straight alignment of Old London Road has since become a footpath, and the road has been realigned to follow a curved route in this area,.

15th May 2021. This photograph was taken on an overcast day. It shows the milestone on Ewell Road, Long Ditton, in Surrey, outside of house number 42, adjacent to the junction with Orchard Close. The location is given as TQ 16869 66526 (SY_EWa05).  It seems the date this stone was erected is not known.
The milestone is unusual because a benchmark, otherwise known as a trig mark, has been cut  into it. Also, the benchmark itself is unusual, as it includes two diagonal lines above the horizontal mark. According to a website, benchmarks were introduced in 1831, a nationwide scheme to cut them began in1840 and the last one was cut in 1993.

27th April 2021. Concorde G-BBDG on display at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, photographed through one of the perimeter gates. It seems this was the British test Concorde (there was also a French test plane).

31st March 2021. Former coal and wine tax post number 99 at West Molesey, photographed towards the sun. It is located at the junction of Molesey Road and Walton Road.

5th Febnuary 2021. The former Thorneycroft motor torpedo boat works at Platt's Eyot on the River Thames. The two large folding doors open onto a slipway.

28th January 2021. The vessel "Emanuel" moored at Hampton on the River Thames.

21st January 2021. Narrow boat "Midnight Rambler" moored at Walton on Thames. This vessel was registered at Tipton in the West Midlands as number 502401..

19th January 2021. The vessel "Flowers Scent" moored at Platt's Eyot on the River Thames.

14th January 2021. The narrow boat "Crysalis" moored at West Molesey.

7th January 2021. The Diana Fountain in Bushey Park, close to Hampton Court Palace. It is seen while being used as a perch for a gull (on top) and two cormorants (one each side at a slightly lower level).

According to a nearby sign, the fountain was moved to this location in 1713, following storage at Carpenter's Yard from 1702 to 1713. Prior to that it was at the Privy Garden at Hampton Court, where it had been installed in 1656, having been originally displayed at  Old Somerset House in the 1630s.


26th December 2020. The vessel "Transporteur" tied up at Platt's Eyot on the River Thames. The building that can be glimpsed in the top right of the picture is part of the former Thorneycroft motor torpedo boat works.

24th November 2020. Coal Tax post number 169 on Whyteleafe Hill, near Whyteleafe railway station, dating from the 1860s.

20th November 2020. Cheam Park Lodge photographed in poor light.

9th November 2020. Chertsey Bridge over the River Thames as the sun was going down.

6th November 2020. This straight concrete pad is in Nonsuch Park at Cheam. It is lined by trees, as is a parallel concrete pad that is to the right of the picture. It is speculated these were constructed by the military during the Second World War, though their exact purpose is unknown to the writer.

15th October 2020. Entrance to St John's churchyard at Chertsey.

9th October 2020. City of London coal tax post number 167 dating from the mid-1800s stands beside Coulsdon Road at Old Coulsdon. It carries the City of London crest and a reference to the relevant legislation for the collection of duties. The legislation was in force from the London Coal and Wine Duties Continuance Act of 1861 until the London Coal Duties Abolition Act of 1889.
The black area at the base of the post carries a maker's plate, and there is another on the far side. These show the maker was Henry Grissell at the Regents Canal Iron Works, London, 1861. 

7th October 2020. Tonbridge Castle, seen from near the River Medway. The history books tell us that following the Norman invasion of 1066 Richard Fitzgilbert was tasked with defending the river and built a motte (a round hill) for his fort. They also show that the building of the stone castle adjacent to the motte began in 1256.

1st October 2020. The chapel of St John at Chertsey.

18th September 2020. The locked garden gate at Nonsuch Mansion at Cheam.

28th August 2020. Entrance to the garden of Nonsuch Mansion in Nonsuch Park at Cheam in Surrey.

24th August 2020. Coal tax post number 98 beside Hurst Road at West Molesey in Surrey.

8th August 2020. Coal tax post number 100 on Molesey Road at West Molesey in Surrey.

30th July 2020. Ruins of Bayham Abbey in Kent.

20th July 2020. New Haw lock-keeper's cottage beside the River Wey Navigation at New Haw in Surrey dates from 1782.

17th July 2020. An information point nicknamed The Cairn near Ditches Lane on Farthing Down at Coulsdon in Surrey. The plate on top points to places of interest.

10th July 2020. A boundary marker at the crossroads formed by Coulsdon Lane, Hollymeoak Road, Portnalls Road and Hollymead Road at Chipstead, Surrey. 

4th July 2020. The old packhorse bridge in the Hogsmill Open Space at Ewell in Surrey.

16th June 2020. Milestone beside Littleworth Road at Esher in Surrey. It reads:

31st January 2020. Milestone beside Chichester Court at Ewell in Surrey. It reads:

24th January 2020. An evening view from the garden of Nonsuch Mansion in Nonsuch Park at Cheam in Surrey.

19th January 2020. Signwriting on East Street at Horsham in Sussex. The building was the Brewhouse & Kitchen when photographed, but was at one time the Horse & Groom pub belonging to Brighton Rock Ales.

7th January 2020. Wooden framed building on Upper Street at Shere in Surrey.
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