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Military Railway Wagons

Rail Album for railway and other photographs

This selection of photographs and information covers railway wagons built for military purposes and non-military wagons specifically built for war traffic.  The index is arranged by era.

Rail Album  
First World War 
  GWR Crocodile Gun Mount
  GWR Macaw Adapted to Carry Tanks
  Naval Store Tank Wagon NS161
  SE&CR 132 Cavell Van
War Department Poll Wagons
  War Office Tank Wagons

Second World War
Royal Navy Tank Wagons
  War Department 45-ton Warflat Wagons
  War Department 50-ton Warflat Wagons
  Warflat Train Diagram - GWR
  War Department 50-ton Warwell A Wagons
  War Department 80-ton Warwell B Wagons
Cold War Era
USATC Caboose

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