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Queenborough Rolling Mill
Queenborough, Kent

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 Looking back towards the main works from the curve leading to the exchange sidings. The buckle in the side rail of the wagon on the left demonstrates that some of the wagons were damaged. Photograph dated 3rd September 2013.

The tracks come together as they head north to the exchange sidings. On the far side of the shrubbery is Network Rail line from Sittingbourne to Sheerness, running parallel to the sidings. Photograph dated 3rd September 2013.

 Looking south. The curved lines to the right lead to the main works. The siding on the left is straight. It becomes two parallel lines just beyond the first wagon and these head for the embankment in the distance. At one time these two lines led to a glass works.  Photograph dated 3rd September 2013.

The siding beside the Sittingbourne to Sheerness railway line has been truncated and now ends with a buffer stop. Photograph dated 3rd September 2013.
The buffer stop from behind. Photograph taken from the adjacent overgrown siding 3rd September 2013.
 The view from beside the buffer stop looking south along the former branch to the glass works. 3rd September 2013.

 Returning to the lines leading to the exchange sidings, this is the view looking north from the former glass works branch. Photograph dated 3rd September 2013.

This is the scene a little further towards the exchange sidings. The bridge in the distance spans the Sittingbourne to Sheerness branch line. Photograph dated 3rd September 2013.

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