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Mystery Corner
Part Six

Rail Album for railway and other photographs

Another selection of photographs that cannot yet be fully identified or explained.

Please contact us if you can resolve any of these mysteries.

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Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BM
This advert shows a rather strange steam locomotive. The driving wheels are compensated on a rather tall support. The bogie is of a type that has not yet been identified by anyone. The locomotive carries air brake equipment. Is this a totally fictional design for advertising purposes only, or is it perhaps based upon a locomotive that actually existed?

Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BL
An industrial wagon that was on the National Coal Board's internal system serving the Manvers Coal Preparation Plant, near Wath in 1987. The number is K.263, which is believed to signify that it previously worked on the NCB system at Kellingley. The red body is relatively modern and is on a secondhand chassis. It is thought the chassis came from a tank wagon, possibly an ICI caustic soda tank of Second World War vintage. Can anyone confirm this?

Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BK
A sixteen wheel geared steam locomotive, used in the logging industry. Can someone please identify the exact type of locomotive or the place where it worked?
Feedback Mystery Photograph - BK
Photo BK looks like a New Zealand loco. My best guess is that it was built by J. Johnston & Sons, Invercargill around 1910. See this site for some photos: http://www.trainweb.org/nzgearedlocomotives/johnston.html

Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BJ
Thomas the Tank Engine is always popular with children. This locomotive at Blaenavon on 19th June 1994 carried plates showing it was built by the Hunslet Engine Co of Leeds in 1898, their works number 686. It appears to have been an industrial steam locomotive. Do you know where it used to work before it was preserved?
Feedback Mystery Photograph - BJ
This locomotive spent its whole working life with the Manchester Ship Canal Co as number 14 "The Lady Armaghdale".

Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BI
A train crash, thought to be somewhere in Germany in the early 1900s. Can you supply details of the location, year, cause of the crash or identify the types of vehicles?

Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BH
The "Liberation" 2-8-0 locomotives were built by Vulcan Foundry at Newton-le-Willows to help the railways of Europe to recover from the devastation caused by the Second World War. They were ordered by the United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Administration. This locomotive is UNRRA number 1D-1. Are any of these machines preserved?
Feedback Mystery Photograph - BH (1)
Two of these locomotives survive in Poland - class Tr202-19 (VF 5405/1946) and Tr202-28 (VF 5448/1946).
Feedback Mystery Photograph - BH (2)
PKP class Tr202-19, at Chabˇwka Railway Museum in Poland.
Tr202-28 is preserved at Jaworzyna Śląska depot is Poland.


Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BG
This somewhat patched up industrial railway wagon was at United Engineering Steels, Aldwarke, Rotherham, on 18th September 1994. The bogies appear to be of Great Western Railway design. Was this a standard design the manufacturer produced for the steel industry, or a unique vehicle? And does anyone know who built it and when?

Feedback Mystery Photograph - BG (1)
Wagons of this design were built by Charles Roberts & Co of Horbury Junction near Wakefield in 1962 (or possibly 1963) for Park Gate Iron and Steel of Sheffield. There were six wagons numbered 1400 to 1405. The design was one of a range of 4-wheel and bogie wagons with "U" profile cross section bodies built by this manufacturer for use in the steel industry.

Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BF
This photograph is thought to show a London & South Western Railway 0-6-0 steam locomotive that was acquired by the War Department during the First World War and sent to the Middle East. It is shown running in Palestine on 5th October 1920. Can anyone confirm this? Photograph courtesy Israel Railway Museum.
A list of the British railway company's steam locomotives sent overseas on military service at this time is here

 Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BE
This unidentified steam locomotive was at Blaenavon on 19th June 1994. It is not known who built it, when it was built, where it worked or what running number it carried.
Feedback Mystery Photograph - BE
This 0-8-0T locomotive was built by Resita in Romania in 1954. It is 760mm gauge (2ft 6in) and worked at the Turda Cement Works in Romania. It also carried the number 764.423. The full name of the Resita locomotive works was Uzinele de Fier si Domeniile din Resita Societate Anonima Resita.
Rail Album
Mystery Photograph - BD
This internal combustion machine is of an unusual design, as are the wagons in the train it is pulling. 
The illustration is from an old Canadian newspaper. The text says:

Specially constructed railway running from the military base to trench distributing centres. Photo shows the electro-benzine tractor at work in the Karst district"

Any details of the loco, the wagons or the railway line would be welcomed.

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