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The Small Shed at Horley was originally built as part of the locomotive work, the location being chosen because it was approximately half way between the termini used by the railway company at London and Brighton.
The line of trees in the background mark the site of the original Horley station. When the locomotive works at Horley was built there was also a much longer building in the area in the foreground of this view, called the Large Shed. No trace remains of the large shed today. Photo 24th April 2002.

The Small Shed at Horley.  Both the Small Shed and the Large Shed at Horley were used as goods sheds following locomotive work being transferred to a new works that was constructed by the railway station at Brighton. Photo 24th April 2002.

The Small Shed at Horley, seen from near the main line from London to Brighton. The rail entrance to the building was at the far end in this view. Photo 24th April 2002.

The Small Shed at Horley, seen the rail entrance to of the building. Photo 24th April 2002.

The Small Shed at Horley, seen what had been the railway end. Photo 24th April 2002

The site of the former Victoria Road level crossing. On the far side of the tracks beyond the concrete bunker are two white markers. These are thought to be the remains of supports for the footbridge that one allowed people to get across the line when the level crossing was closed to traffic. 
To the left of the two white stumps is the former location of Horley South signalbox, which controlled the Victoria Road level crossing. Out of view to the left is the site of the original Horley  station. Photo 24th April 2002

The derelict brickwork beside the railway line seems to be all that is left of the Down platform of the original station at Horley. The rectangular white wall is a the former water tower that fed the railway's water cranes in the area. The water tank has been removed from on top of the building and it seems to have been converted to housing. Photo 24th April 2002

Another view of the remains of the former station platform and water tower. Photo 24th April 2002. 

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